Bathroom cabinets are among the most important components of a bathroom and yet are often overlooked as being so important. Storage is key in a bathroom, but it has to look good, too. It has to be appropriate for a bathroom environment. And bathroom cabinets installation has to be handled properly. For all those reasons, the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Brooklyn need to be your choice. That means Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros should handle your bathroom cabinets installation.


In a bathroom, your cabinets will be exposed to moisture and mildew. They will have water splashed on them. They will have to withstand drastic temperature changes. Cabinets have to be installed properly. A bathroom wall cabinet, in particular, needs to be able to take the weight of towels, toiletries, and beauty items such as hair dryers, shavers, and other small appliances. Bathroom cabinets in NYC can also mean installation in a small space, meaning you will want a contractor who can provide you with fresh ideas. And you obviously also want your cabinets to look great.

For all these reasons, you can see why your choice of bathroom remodeling contractors in Brooklyn is so important. When you’re wondering: “who is the best option for installing bathroom cabinets near me?” – look no further than working with our bathroom contractors and designers.

We have over 17 years of expertise and will ensure your bathroom wall cabinet is installed expertly and safely.

That means you won’t have to worry about a cabinet hanging over the tub, as it will be installed properly. Such a cabinet will maximize wall space and provide added storage capacity to any size of a bathroom. A small bathroom, in particular, will benefit from such a cabinet. The same is true of a cabinet hung over the toilet or one over the bathroom vanity. Any type of wall cabinet needs to be chosen properly and installed by an expert.


Bathroom vanities are another top choice for storage. Bathroom vanities must be installed properly, and we can help you choose the one you want and make sure it’s put in by our expert installers.

We will bring fresh ideas like hanging vanities, which are an attractive addition. Once again, they must be installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Even bathroom floor cabinets must be picked to last, withstanding the wear and tear of daily use in your space. We can assist you with new ideas for your bathroom cabinets, whether that’s a hanging cabinet, a recessed cabinet, a linen cabinet, or another style of floor cabinet.

Your choice of materials for your cabinets is also important, and we can help ensure your cabinets can withstand the unique environment in the bathroom. The color and texture are also important considerations in your decor. And then there’s the cabinet hardware, including door handles, drawer pulls, and other hardware.

Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros is your expert for bathroom cabinets, from choosing them to making sure they get installed properly and giving you use for years to come.


Every bathroom has a unique design. And every homeowner has unique tastes. That’s why our Brooklyn bathroom renovation designers have bathroom cabinets ideas for every room and every style.

As your expert bathroom remodeling contractors, we aren’t just cabinets installation contractors, although we have plenty of expertise doing just that. We go beyond that, however, to work with you to make sure your cabinets aren’t an afterthought in your bathroom renovation. Bathroom storage cabinets must be a key part of your plans.

Here are just a few of the bathroom cabinets ideas we can bring to your bathroom renovation plans.

Every bathroom has a unique design. And every homeowner has unique tastes. That’s why our Brooklyn bathroom renovation designers have bathroom cabinets ideas for every room and every style.

Bathroom Vanities

This is an ideal place to include storage. Cabinets and drawers can be part of many types of bathroom vanities. Even if you desire the unique look and open feel of a floating vanity, it can also include storage below. Double sinks can have storage below both sinks. As expert cabinets installation contractors, we can build a bathroom wall cabinet over the toilet, with a wrap-around look, a hanging cabinet, or a combination of the two. There’s also the option of a recessed cabinet, including the classic medicine chest style of built-in cabinet. A bathroom wall cabinet can have a towel bar added to it, maximizing wall space and creating an area for towels to dry properly. If you have two sinks, a bathroom floor cabinet placed between the sinks is an ideal use of space. Linen cabinets are excellent additions to a bathroom when you have space. Cabinets can have open shelving, or perhaps you want doors to hide your toiletries. Baskets or decorative boxes can be added to cabinets to help organize your products.