Renovating a bathroom comes with many decisions, one of which is whether or not to install the tile. Tile is a natural choice for flooring, where options include vinyl tile, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and more. But adding bathroom wall tile to your renovation list can add beauty, luxury, and unique touch to the room.

Wall tile installation has several advantages over other types of wall coverings:

  • Moisture and mildew resistant: tile is more resistant to direct water splashes than coverings like wallpaper and paint; tile is also mold and mildew resistant in areas where it doesn’t get hit directly by water.
  • Durability: wall tile can withstand daily use in a shower.
  • Temperature fluctuations: tile can handle the temperature extremes of a bathroom, where it can be cool one minute and hot and steamy the next.
  • Easy cleaning: tile is easy to keep clean, requiring only a regular wipe-down; it can also handle any type of cleaner that you prefer to use.
  • Unique finishes: wall tile ideas range from a standard backsplash to a stunning feature wall, to bathroom tile in the shower, making your room truly unique.

But bathroom wall tile installation is not a job to be taken lightly. The installation has to be done properly to ensure long life. Ceramic tile installation requires special expertise, proper preparation, and careful execution. The same is true of bathroom tile repair and bathroom tile replacement.

Even coming up with unique tile ideas isn’t always easy.

But when chosen properly and installed expertly, the redesign will add a unique and lasting beauty to your room. Which might lead you to ask “who can handle bathroom tile installation near me?”

The answer is our highly experienced NYC remodeling contractors team. We can handle tile jobs, including ceramic tile installation. No job is too big or too small. And we aren’t just installers. We have experienced bathroom remodeling contractors, but we can also manage a bathroom tile repair job or tile replacement work.

Whether you want a complete installation of tile in the shower or an intricate tile repair, we’re your top choice. If you’re wondering “who is the best at bathroom tile installation near me?” look no further than our team of contractors and designers expert team.


Renovation budgets can quickly get out of hand, but we’ll work with you to ensure your bathroom tile installation fits your tastes and your budget.

As expert remodeling contractors, we can provide quotes on different types of ceramic tile installation, different types of tile selections, and even different designs for your tile.

If you’re wondering “How much does bathroom tile installation cost?” we can help ease your mind with our expertise.

Even small bathroom jobs like a tile replacement can be handled within your means. Here are some ideas to help you consider the potential costs of your bathroom tile installation plans. An average cost for tile flooring installation is $10 to $15 per square foot. A shower or wall installation can vary anywhere from $10 to $25 per square foot.

But square footage and installation aren’t the only variables.
There’s the choice of the tile itself, which can vary depending on size, color, and other product specifications. Tile can vary in its makeup, from ceramic to porcelain to granite to other natural stones. Tile has different finishes, from glossy to matte. Sizes can be pre-cut or custom-cut.

Design is a factor as well. Walls can be partially covered or completely covered; sometimes the choice is based on budget, but it can also be based on layout and aesthetics.

There’s also the space and intricacies in installation, like fitting into small corners, behind toilets, or on high ceilings. You also have to be sure to get quality products and workmanship. Your tile installation has to last, standing up to moisture, mildew, daily use, water, and temperature extremes.

With so many considerations, there really isn’t one answer to “what will my bathroom tile installation cost?” But if you want expert installation, quality products, and over 17 years of expertise in bathroom installations, contact us to get the answers, and the workmanship you desire.​


Your choice for wall tile décor ideas is limited only by your imagination. We can inspire you with bathroom tile ideas in NYC that will make dreams come true. As experts, we have the expertise in installing bathroom wall tile. But we also have years of experience that can help with design inspiration.

Perhaps you want a redesign that creates a space that feels like you’re at the spa every time you enter. A subtle white subway tile with a pop of accent color will accomplish a soothing and elegant effect. Or, opt for a warm terra-cotta tile floor that brings back memories of yesteryear and adds luxury to the bathroom. You can bring the outdoors inside with a mix of ceramic and porcelain tile, creating an artistic look. Re-create the look of a cabin with matte stone tile floors and subway white tile walls.

Or make your bathroom suit the décor of the rest of your home, using grey hexagon tiles in the shower and other touches in design to re-create a farmhouse bathroom that matches the style of the house.

Textured tile is another option, with “fish scale” looking tile becoming popular for flooring, or textured stone for the wall behind a tub. In a small bathroom, we provide special expertise to open the room up, making it look spacious, clean, and minimalist. That’s accomplished in a variety of ways, from clean tile lines to large tiles with few grout lines, to bright or white color selections.

Even traditional and simple wall tile decor ideas, like combining black and white, can bring out the best in a room. Black and white remain the classic look; it will add simplicity and refinement and can be used in any size of the room.

And you don’t have to wait for an entire make-over to look closely at your tile. Our Brooklyn bathroom contractors can handle any tile replacement job, however big or small.

Quality bathroom contractors aren’t just about installation. Your renovation should be guided by a company that knows design and functionality as well as quality products and workmanship.